Carpets & Upholstery

We provide knowledgeable cleaners of carpets and upholstery...

Carpet is a major investment and regular cleaning is necessary to keep it looking new and fresh!

BEST CHOICE 4 U LTD offers the perfect carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions in your home or office.

Having your carpet and upholstery cleaned regulary will be more cost effective than having to replace them. Once they have been cleaned they are dry and fresh in a couple of hours from completion of the cleaning process, due to the amazing extraction system.

In carpeted rooms, 80% of the dust and dirt brought from outside settles into upholstery and carpet. Having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis has two important benefits:

  1. The cleaning processes help prevent damage to upholstery fabric or carpet by removing tiny soil particles that, when left unattended change their appearance.
  2. Those tiny soil particles are allergens to many people and have an impact on indoor air quality, having dirt, dust mites and other pollutants.

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